Diversity Hub Foundation (DH)

Diversity Hub Foundation (DH) was established in 2015 as a non-profit organisation with the initial aim to provide expert support in the field of diversity management. We deliver knowledge, experience, and best practices and help business benefit from diversity and at the same time have an impact on social change.

In Diversity Hub we work on projects concerning diversity and inclusion, we solve particular problems of employers in the area of D&I and we carry out research aimed at providing the most accurate data and increasing knowledge in various fields of diversity management.

We promote and disseminate the idea of managing diversity in business and we create our own, innovative solutions aimed to improve effective implementation of diversity management in organisations in its main dimensions such as age, gender, (dis)abilities, intercultural differences, LGBT+, etc. We also deal with many other important topics related to, e.g. work-life balance, mental health, conflict resolution, and employee rights (mobbing at work) but also inclusive education and intercultural communication.

We integrate the community of experts around diversity, we seek practical and effective solutions in this area and we develop practices that proved to be successful. We continue a debate on topics related to diversity involving diverse environments: scientists and practitioners - representatives of business and business environment institutions, public institutions, and the media. This way we combine different approaches to the subject, sometimes divergent but always inspiring. Diversity Hub was awarded the title of Ambassador of Multiculturalism by the municipality of Krakow in 2019.
The most important and visible activities of Diversity Hub are:
  • Annual global conference on diversity and inclusion in business D&I Changemakers (over 3000 registered participants);
  • Leading European Diversity and Inclusion Network associating organisations focused on D&I;
  • ERGs Center with an international range, helping organizations realize the full potential of Employee Resource Groups.
  • Training, workshops, advisory and strategic support for over 150 companies, mostly global corporations: introduction  to diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, building an open and inclusive workplace, gender balance, mental health, remote work, intercultural teams, hiring and introducing people with disabilities, etc.;
  • International projects on D&I financed with external funds: 6 projects within the frame of Erasmus+, 1 by European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation "EaSI" and other supported by U.S. Embassy and Consulate In Poland and by Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Poland;
  • Publishing activity: authorship  of 2 books devoted to diversity management in English and in Polish; monthly articles in HR nationwide magazine Personel Plus;
Cooperation with public institutions and bodies: U.S. Embassy and Consulate In Poland, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Poland, Krakow City Hall, Initiative Open Krakow.

Diversity Hub Foundation,

ul. Poznańska 6/4, 30-012 Kraków

e-mail: info@diversityhub.pl

website: ttps://www.diversityhub.pl

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diversityhubpl

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/think-tank-diversity-hub/mycompany/