Vienna Association of Education Volunteers (VAEV)

Vienna Association of Education Volunteers (VAEV) is a non-governmental organization, based in Vienna, Austria, formed by a community of passionate advocates committed to developing sustainable solutions to improve education and learning processes by conducting research, participating in projects, and promoting innovation. Through continuous interaction of cross-border collaboration, VAEV develops and delivers programmes in the form of community-based activities to empower people, advocate for policy change, and advance and strengthen access to quality education and learning opportunities for the most vulnerable groups.

Our members are changemakers that strive to create lasting solutions that improve education and learning by promoting collaborative partnerships to share their expertise, insight, resources, and best practices, undertake a number of activities and projects that contribute to the development of inclusive, equitable, and quality education and stimulate lifelong learning opportunities, especially for youth, seniors, people with disabilities, minority groups, and those living in areas of high social deprivation. These mutual- learning activities involve a wide range of issues and vary from different physical and digital activities, group work, volunteering opportunities, as well as capacity building activities related to diverse areas of education, employability skills, and personal development that build a foundation for the future and bridge the gender and generational gaps.

Our main goal is to promote and facilitate the exchange of ideas and create environments that enable open discussions and stimulate new thinking, as well as to improve physical, mental health, and the general well-being of different social groups by building confidence and self-esteem. Our focus is directed to assist in self-development and personal responsibility with the aim of increasing employability/ educational opportunities by engaging in structured, positive activities.
Spittelbreintengasse 23/13/2,
A1120 Vienna / AUSTRIA

Phone: +43 676 707 7423