The Project Result 2, IRIS, consists of the elaboration of pedagogical material, based on a collection of 10 case studies in video format on egalitarian organisations, entities or collectives where Emotional Intelligence, Non-Violent Communication and New Masculinities practises or activities are developed in search of gender equality.

The cases come from the 4 countries of the project and help demonstrate how organisations with more egalitarian, cooperative, healthy and inclusive values from a gender perspective, contribute in a decisive way to the social and economic development of the European Union.

Between the ages of 14 and 18, students need references and models on which, on the one hand, will build their perception of reality, and on the other hand, will confront their beliefs in the process of acquiring their own personality.

The main goal of this output is to provide the target group with references, examples and evidence on the benefits of generating egalitarian, inclusive and diverse gender relations so that they can create a critical awareness of gender inequality and stereotypes.

More specifically, IRIS, will generate a strong educational impact on the target audiences in the following ways:

It contributes to the complementarity of learning in relation to equality, and to the problem posed by both gender stereotypes and their consequences.

It develops references on the basis of which students are able to develop critical thinking in relation to gender stereotypes and gender inequality.

Contributes to the development of key social and civic competences, to the development of a committed attitude towards inclusion with a gender perspective.

Each video is recorded in the partner's local languages and subtitles are provided for each one in the following languages: English, Spanish, Greek, German and Polish.

You can browse the videos in the project's official Youtube channel ( or in our website, below: